Life can be challenging and even problematic at times, leaving us overwhelmed and unable to cope.


However, all circumstances, no matter how bleak, contain resources and all people possess strengths that can be advanced or uncovered to improve one’s quality of life.


One way of doing just that, is by working through your problems with a psychologist.


This process normally involves identifying and exploring the problem, verbalizing thoughts and feelings regarding the problem, and ultimately through a process of cooperation between the client and the psychologist, finding meaningful solutions to problems by focusing on one’s strengths.





After registering as Counselling psychologist in 2004, I worked as a marital and family counsellor at FAMSA Outeniqua in George, Southern Cape for two years.


During this period, I started a part-time practice.  It is also during the same time that my affiliation with one of the world’s leading Employee Wellness Programmes started and has been ongoing until present. I then accepted a position as principal psychologist for the Southern Cape region at the SAPS that taught me a wealth of knowledge in the area of organisational health and wellness. It also gave me in-depth exposure to trauma debriefing.


For the past 9 years I have been operating in a full-time private practice capacity consisting of an adult and child client base in Port Elizabeth.


I have been involved in numerous programs including Employee Assistance, empowerment of unemployed youth as well as social and emotional skills training for children in group format.

More About

Elzabé Olivier

  • I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of the Free State.
  • I obtained a BA Honours Degree in Psychology at the University of Port Elizabeth.
  • After a two year working-holiday in the UK, I commenced my Masters Degree in  Counselling Psychology at the University of Port Elizabeth.
  • I Completed internship at the Hunters Craig Psychiatric Hospital, Port Elizabeth.
  • I registered as Counselling Psychologist – Independent Practice with the Health Professions Council of SA in 2004.


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